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All SportsVT

1 Time Purchase Option. The Basketball. *AllStar* Subscription Sports Card Box.

1 Time Purchase Option. The Basketball. *AllStar* Subscription Sports Card Box.

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Available JUNE 1st! New Lineup.

The *AllStar* Subscription Box

For The Hobby Enthusiast Looking For A Bigger Chase!

*5-10 Packs Consisting of Hobby/Asia/Hard To Find Packs

*1 Pack of Penny Sleeves + 5 Top Loaders.

*LOOK FOR KABOOM BOXES*.                                   (Packed With Higher Value At Random)

*1 Pack Of Each Product Listed Every Month. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
James Booth
AllSportsVT is an excellent company to deal with!

A very fun rip, at a very low cost. The variety of packs, plus extras makes for a great value.

Matt C
The Best Bang for Your Buck (again)

Loved the pack variation they offered in this box, better variety than most of the other mystery box products on the market. Obviously nothing is guaranteed when you spend more on higher end boxes or packs, but the chance for bigger hits is much higher when you do. Been buying their other boxes for a while now and have no complaints at all, will continue to be a customer as long as the product is offered! Very well thought out and curated collection by a true sports card enthusiast, you can tell from the minute you open your box the effort that was put forth into these. Anyone who gets upset with buying single packs and not getting big hits obviously hasn't been buying cards for very long, because you can get 20 boxes from the store and be lucky to get 1-2 minor hits from all of them combined, it's just the nature of collecting.

Thanks for doing these for us, look forward to next month's selection and any future products you may offer!

Louis Sarandrea
So worth it

For what you offer and what it costs, this is the best subscription box out there. You truly make it about the hobby and not the money.